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We uncovered another gem at “Medflix: The Humane Medicine and Film Blog” where the author, presumably David Elpern as we were unable to locate the “About” page or other back ground information and we are not on Google+, offers mini reviews of movies related to medicine.

Take some time to read some of his reviews by clicking here.

6th Geneva Conference on Person-Centred Medicine starts today!

6th Geneva Conference on Person-Centred MedicineToday, the 6th Geneva Conference on Person-Centered Medicine will include a workshop on Developing a New Person-centered and Evidence-based Regional Medical School in the United States led by: Michael Schwartz (Round Rock, Texas)and Juan Perez-Miranda (Madrid).

This event will include:
• Introduction on Intertwining Person-Centered and Evidence-Based Medicine: Michael Schwartz (Round Rock, Texas)
• Domains of Inquiry and Action in the Pursuit of Person Centered Medicine: Edward Sherwood (Round Rock, Texas)
• The Journey to the Center of Person-Centered Medicine: Lianne Marks (Round Rock, Texas)
• Essential Skills for Physicians in the Pursuit of Person Centered Medicine: Jim Donovan (Round Rock, Texas)
• Discussants: Inger Ekman (Gothenburg) & Salman Rawaf (London)


Durham University’s Centre for Medical Humanities Challenge Seminar

The Centre for Medical Humanities at Durham University will host a postgraduate methods challenge seminar on Thursday, June 6th, 2013. In this Challenge, three PhD students will present for 15 minutes, then the audience will challenge.

Qualitative Health Research Group Postgraduate Methods Challenge
Thursday 6th June, 12-2pm (lunch from 12)
Wolfson Research Institute, F009

For more information, or to register, click here.

From: Centre for Medical Humanities Blog