Medical Technology & Transhumanism: A 3-D printed bionic ear with biological parts and nanotechnology that will enable you and me to hear far beyond the human range.

Medical Technology and Transhumanism: A 3-D printed bionic ear with biological parts and nanotechnology that will enable you and me to hear far beyond the human range.

What would you do if you could take some cells and a 3-D printer (plus some nanotechnology) and create a new electronic ear that looks – on the outside – just like yours? Replace your current ear with this bionic one, and the surgical scar will barely be noticed.

The printed ear will be able to restore hearing for many who are hearing impaired and extend ordinary hearing far beyond the present frequencies for the rest of us. Will this be possible?  Absolutely! The prototype has already been created and is reported on in Nano Letters.

Spend more quality time with your dog and cat in the higher hearing ranges…
Really commune with manatees in the lower frequencies…
Hear like a bat!
A new way to commune with nature…

And of course the same technology can generate an entire array of body replacement parts – new organs and parts with capacities far beyond those with which we are endowed. 3-D printers are required. 3-D printers will be more and more available and less and less costly. Imagine the fun your grandchildren will have in their garage-based home labs!

Can we? Should we? Will we?

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Michael Schwartz, M.D.

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Midwinter Meeting – Division 24 of American Psychological Association

Just came back from wonderful “midwinter” meeting – right here in home town Austin – of Division 24 of American Psychological Association —

Had the opportunity to meet new colleagues, make new friends and talk about the upcoming Geneva, Switzerland meeting of International College of Person-Centered Medicine.