Almega Collective Agreement

If a candidate company has already signed a collective agreement or an adoption contract, membership in Swedish staffing agencies will result in the substitution of one of the association`s collective agreements. Please contact Anna Vargö.in this procedure. As stated in the aforementioned collective agreements, a member company must withdraw the corresponding policies with FORA (for workers/employees) and/or Alecta through Collectum (for employees). Since fees are collected retroactively in the event of a delay, it is important to notify the insurance provider immediately. Why collective agreements? Do you currently have the pros and cons of collective agreements? Perhaps you are submitting an offer that requires your company to have a valid collective agreement? We help you master the concepts and see how a collective agreement can be good for you as an employer! Our interpretation of the agreement is that employers are required to invite both L-rarf-rbundet and L.A. Riksf-rbund to an opening meeting at which the importance of discussing the framework conditions for wage revision and, among other things, dialogue on concluding a locally-appropriate negotiating contract is discussed. In particular, we would like to stress the importance of discussing this year`s salary review requirements, compensation criteria, objectives for the wage review, content and quality of wage discussions (in the Swedish `Lenesamtal`) and analysing together the wage structure and desired structure. This is particularly important, as the increase in teachers` salaries (“lerarl-nelyftet” in Swedish) is generally not part of the salary review. If your company is a member of the Swedish information technology and telecommunications industry or any of Almega`s other associations, you can buy standard contracts at a very low price. All contracts are Fore Sale in our webbshop industry membership requires that you supplement the employer`s service with a service contract with Almega, or that membership already exists in another Almega association. You will also automatically become members of the Swedish Business Association.