U.s. Switzerland Social Security Agreement

In general, the agreement is similar to other social security agreements concluded by Switzerland and is in line with international standards that generally apply to such agreements. The material scope of the convention covers the laws of both states on old age, survival and disability insurance. It deals in particular (i) with equal treatment between nationals of the two States Parties, (ii) access to social security benefits of the contracting states and (iii) the payment of ordinary state pensions abroad. The United States and Switzerland have reached an agreement to avoid double taxation of the same income for social security purposes. The agreement contains guidelines that help determine whether income in the United States or Switzerland is subject to social security tax. On the other hand, if your employer sends you for five years or less from one country to work for that employer or subsidiary in the other country, you only pay social security contributions in the country from which you were seconded by your employer. And you don`t pay taxes in the other country. If, for example.B a U.S. employer sends a worker to work for an employer or subsidiary in Switzerland for at least five years, the employer and worker pay only U.S. social security taxes. You don`t have to pay social security contributions in Switzerland. The possibility of staying in the other country outside is possible for up to five years. If you do not agree with the decision on your entitlement to benefits under the agreement, contact a U.S.

or Swiss social security office. You can tell yourself what you need to do to appeal the decision. Australia currently has 31 bilateral international social security agreements. This brochure discusses the strengths of the agreement and how it can help you at work and when you apply for benefits. The fat texts refer to provisions of the new US-Swiss social security agreement which, in their wording or substance, differ considerably from the corresponding provisions of the original U.S.-Swiss Social Security Agreement, signed on 18 July 1979 in its amended version of 1 June 1988.