Reached A Breakthrough Agreement With The E.u. To Increase U.s. Exports

As Washington and Brussels pursue these targets, the EU will import more US soybeans and liquefied natural gas or LNG, although Juncker has proposed that the deal be subject to conditions. And of course, we are working on so many other areas of progress. With regard to soybeans, exports to the European Union have increased significantly over the past year. LNG exports also saw a significant increase in shipments and increased security of supply and diversity. Washington, D.C. – The United States will nearly triple its annual duty-free beef exports to the European Union (EU) over the next seven years under a new agreement signed today at the White House. What if the conversation stops? Trump can again declare that tariffs are “the biggest!” and Juncker can say that he has not promised anything that has not already happened and, if nothing else, he has at least bought more time from European car manufacturers. “I would be very cautiously optimistic,” Schneider-Petsinger said. “It was a surprise, it was a positive step. But it`s not that breakthrough that some people seem to be making. MR. HALSTROM: Thank you, Mr. President. I am Dan Halstrom, President and CEO of the U.S.

Meat Export Federation. And on behalf of all of our agriculture members in the United States, and in particular our beef producers, we thank you. It is an honour and a great day for us, our friends in the European Union, for greater access. And we really appreciate everything the president and the government are doing on behalf of American peasants. So, thank you. White House officials saw the meeting as a major breakthrough and an admission that Trump`s hard-ball tactics were paying off. The French beef industry has angrily opposed the agreement. But Trump has been presented with a similar set of proposals on tariffs on steel and aluminum, and he chose the heaviest by saying it was necessary to correct what he sees as unfair practices from abroad. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said Wednesday night that his investigation into car imports was continuing despite the White House agreement, a sign that tensions between Trump and European leaders could resume in an instant. This “new phase” of transatlantic relations would have been fanciful less than two weeks ago, when Trump declared the EU the “enemy” of the United States for “what they do to us in trade.” Earlier, at the Quebec group of seven summit, the U.S.

president had publicly clashed with European leaders over Trump`s tariffs on steel and aluminum. Similar confrontations occurred at this month`s NATO summit in Brussels, when the president expressed more frustration with Europe, this time over defence spending. I would also like to stress that strengthening the EU`s trade relations with the United States is a priority of the Finnish Presidency. If the agreement is fully implemented in seven years, the United States will benefit from a duty-free tariff quota of 35,000 tonnes per year, worth approximately $420 million. US President Donald Trump has announced a “breakthrough” with the EU on beef exports for beef exports. But the head of the German Farmers` Association criticised the deal and warned it would penalise European farmers. The relentless back-and-forth between meetings, threats, tariffs and counter-tariffs have destabilized many Republicans and fragmented the GOP and many business groups that last year marched in his tax-cutting initiative with Trump. Thank you very much, Mr. President. I`m going — my name is Kevin Kester. I am immediately the former president of the National Cattlemen`s Beef Association, and I am a farmer from California. I`m just going to say I`m a fifth generation.

I have a 7th generation family at the ranch. And we will benefit directly from this new agreement with the European Union. That is why we are very grateful. After months of aus