Apple License Agreement Developer

I am trying to accept the agreement, but there is no clear way to do it. “To create new apps and transfer binary files to the iOS and Mac app stores, the user who acts as a team agent must verify and accept this agreement in the Member Center.” Switch to and log in to your account. In the “Ask for Changes” section, you`ll see the “Ask for Changes” button. Just click on it and then you browse to another screen where you have to click on the boxes and accept the deal. Has anyone else found a solution? I`m in the dark and Apple`s support was useless. I can`t find this new license agreement in my account. The link sent to me in the Anse-Mail led me only to my account home page. The same thing here, contacts firmly. If they answer, be surprised.

Sometimes I hate the apple. Every time they update their legal agreement, we have the same problem! If you`re the one who accepted the first day, you`re stuck. You have to wait a few days and call the support if this is not automatically corrected. Good luck! 9. Third-party contractual terms: You must state in the ECJ that the end user must comply with the contractual terms applicable to third parties when using your application, for example. B if you have a VoIP app, the end user should not violate their agreement on wireless data services when using your app. 2. License extension: The license granted to the end user for the licensed application must be limited to a non-transferable license for the use of the application granted to Apple-branded products that the end user owns or controls, and according to the rules of use provided by apple Media Services` terms and conditions of sale, except that this licensed application can be accessed and used from other accounts related to the buyer via family sharing or volume purchase. Where should I sail to accept the deal? The only place I can find is your account – licensing agreements, but they are only a pdf file and there is no additional b 3 maintenance and assistance: You must be solely responsible for providing maintenance and assistance services with regard to licensed application, as stated in the BLA, or as required by current legislation. You and the end user must recognize that Apple is under no obligation to provide maintenance and support services with respect to the licensed application.

If this is helpful, below are instructions for accepting an update to the Apple Developer Program licensing agreement.