Amended Settlement Agreement

This revised agreement is an amendment to the settlement agreement between the United States of America and Avis, signed on September 1, 1994 by Avis and the United States of America. The Disability Services Coordinator is appointed within 14 days of the revised transaction agreement coming into force. The conciliation agreement of 1 September 1994 and this amended conciliation agreement remain in force from two years from the time the amendment comes into force. Within sixty days of the entry into force of this amended settlement agreement, you will set up a procedure with the RMC to identify any booking made by the RMC by a person with a disability or for a person who requests a particular service or product for a tenant or person with a disability if such a disability is disclosed to the lessor if the booking is made by a landlord in a rental location. Opinion. U.S. Statement of Interest regarding the revised transaction agreement proposed in Item 3, Authors Guild v.