Abc Senior Executive Agreement

A disagreement over ABC`s redundancy applications led MEAA to file a dispute with Fair Work. Credit: Steven Siewert “Based on [the redundancy provisions in Section 54 of the ABC Enterprise Agreement], I do not think the CBA has the right to reduce an employee`s termination rights with respect to previous periods of part-time work,” Bornstein said. “Workers are generally entitled to redundancy pay on the basis of their wages at the time of termination.” A disagreement over ABC`s dismissal requests – which employees and unions say could put female workers at the greatest disadvantage – prompted the Media, Entertainment and Art Alliance to file a dispute with the Fair Work Commission. Michael Lallo is a senior Culture Writer with The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. Former Sydney Morning Herald editor Judith Whelan, who joined senior positions when she took over as regional and local director in October 2018 before being permanently appointed in July, received $284,214. The spokesperson stated that the CBA`s approach was consistent with a clause in the enterprise agreement that states: “… The other provisions of this agreement, which may apply to part-time workers, apply on a pro-rata basis… ». Several sources, including some high-level journalists, have rejected proposals for the CBA to weaken its commitment to emergency programming or local arts coverage. ABC`s executive bill soared from $3.6 million $US in 2018 to $6 million this year after a US$1.64 million payment to sacked CEO Michelle Guthrie and a nearly $US1 million golden handshake to experienced radio manager Michael Mason this year. CBA`s payroll for management and board of directors for the year to June 2019 was $3,433,557, up from $3,211,809 in 2018, according to the 2018-19 management report.

There was one executive who paid between $675,000 and $700,000, $500,000 to $525,000 and two between $475,000 and $500,000 in 2018. The updated figures for 2019 have not yet been published. Here`s the significant executive compensation – a total of $6.1 million compared to $3.6 million last year. “Management has made all the right noises to support rural coverage, emergency transmission, gender and racial diversity, podcasting and the arts,” said one contributor. “But they create jobs for people in leadership positions in these fields, most of whom are women with a lot of experience.” The CBA`s current enterprise agreement stipulates that retired workers are entitled to the equivalent of four weeks` pay for each of their first five years of service, and then three weeks` pay for each subsequent year – capped at a maximum of 24 years.